Sanity is a production services company that specializes in TV commercials, video, industrial, long format, and online streaming video content. Our directive is to carry your media projects to completion. Our roles range from Executive Producers to Project Managers, pinpointing and hiring the best team for your project, from shooting and animation to editing and sound.

Your art has the power to change the media landscape.
So give it the space to grow, while we take care of your sanity.

Here’s how WE find our sanity (or at least chase it)

  • Matt Seiden, Seiden Advertising

    ‘At Seiden, we absolutely love working with Sanity. Their taste level is superb and they are on top of every detail of every production. They are always on budget and on time with absolutely no problems. Equally important, Jill and Amanda are personally a pleasure to work with.’

    Matt Seiden, Seiden Advertising
  • Lisa Denby, Managed Solutions

    ‘Sanity Productions is an incredibly important part of the Managed Solutions/Strikeforce team. Thanks for making us look so good.’

    Lisa Denby, Managed Solutions
  • Jonathan Edwards, film and video editor

    ‘From pre pro, production, and post through finish, they guide you all the way. A complete broadcast department with the experience to handle anything from animation to live-action projects. Wow!’

    Jonathan Edwards, film and video editor